WSRN Mountpoint Naming Convention

The NTRIP mountpoints for the WSRN include multiple styles and correction formats to serve the needs of a wide variety of end users. There are mountpoints for network corrections (e.g. VRS) and for single-base (for each reference station).

Correction formats are generic, and not brand dependent. RTCM3.1 follows the international RTCM standard and is usable by all but a handful of very old receivers. RTCM3.1 supports GPS and Glonass (GPS+GLN). RTCM3.2-MSM (i.e. MSM = multi-signal messages) is a newer format, and nearly every rover built within the past 5 years also supports this correction format. RTCM3.2-MSM supports GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS (GPS+GLN_GAL+BDS+QZS). The WSRN still offers the CMR+ format, for older receivers, and some agriculture users.

Example Mountpint Names:

Network Style Mountpoint Name / Style and Format / Constellations

Note that there are six VRS subnets around the state. Refer to the downloadable map linked at the bottom left of this page for the extents of the subnets. The naming convention for the network style mountpoints is: a subnet prefix (e.g. NWWA), plus a style (e.g. VRS), plus the format (e.g. CMR, RTCM3, or MSM). For example if you are working in the SW subnet, and want VRS with RTCM3.1, the mountpoint would be SWWAVRSRTCM3.

Single Base Mountpoint Name / Format / Constellations

Note that there are over 150+ reference stations around the state. Refer to the downloadable map linked at the bottom left of this page for the 4-character names for each station. The naming convention for single-base style mountpoints is: A 4-character station name alone is for CMR+ (e.g. SPKN). A 4-character station name plus a '3' suffix is RTCM3.1(e.g. SPKN3). A 4-character station name plus an '_MSM' suffix is RTCM3.2-MSM. Note that if you intend to use all 4 constellations you must choose an MSM mountpoint.

Note that only if a station supports MSM will it have that corresponding type of mountpoint. At present, all stations support CMR+ and RTCM3.1, and all but a handful are full constellations and support MSM.


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